Major in Criminal Justice

120 Credits

Offered at the Metro Orlando, South Florida and Tampa Bay Branch Campuses

This academic design aims at ushering students to positions at operational levels in the Criminal Justice field, so that they can provide dual language professional services either to the public or the private sector. As part of the Criminal Justice System, this major covers the following areas: Contemporary Sociological Problems and Behaviors, Correction System, Criminal Investigation, Court Systems, Rehabilitation and Justice System for Minors. Students must comply with state and local requirements or limitations to practice the Criminal Justice profession.

Program Objectives/ Outcomes:

  • Develop student’s knowledge related to factors that cause the criminality problem, such as to empower him/her in efforts as a provider of Criminal Justice services.
  • Promote the development of a critical attitude to build his/her capacity, to comply with job requirements, and at the same time, to seek for promotions within the organizational structure where he/she works.
  • Offer an innovative curriculum that responds to the country’s social, economic, cultural and professional needs.
  • Coach, orient, and stimulate students who wish to continue graduate studies in Law.
  • Empower students on applying knowledge and acquired skills when employed in a government agency or the private sector, so that they can attain their goals.
  • Develop proficiency to communicate adequately in English and Spanish both orally and in writing.

SCIE 111-O Integrated Science I

SCIE 112-O Integrated Science II

ENGL 115-O College Reading & Writing I

ENGL 116-O College Reading & Writing II

ENGL 331-O Public Speaking

SPAN 115-O Reading, Writing, and the Oral Communication in Spanish I

SPAN 116-O Reading, Writing, and the Oral Communication in Spanish II

SPAN 255-O Spanish for Writing and Research

HUMA 101-O World Cultures I

HUMA 102-O World Cultures II

SOSC 111-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility I

SOSC 112-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility II

MATH 111-O Intermediate Algebra I

MATH 112-O Intermediate Algebra II

COMP 110-O Computer and Software

HIST 273-O History of the United States of America

CRIM 350-O The Correctional System

CRIM 400-O Human Rights in the Contemporary World

POSC 420-O History of Political Thinking

PSYC 123-O General Psychology

PSYC 350-O Psychopathology Principles

SOCI 203-O Principles of Sociology

SOCI 325-O Sociology of Deviancy

SOSC 225-O Contemporary Economic and Political Issues

SOSC 303-O Applied Statistics Methods for Social Sciences

QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and University Adaptation (Must be taken in 1st semester of enrollment)

CRIM 107-O Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRIM 300-O General Principles of Penal Law

CRIM 301-O Criminal Legislation and Other Special Laws

CRIM 302-O Criminal Procedural Law and Evidence

CRIM 360-O Criminal Investigation Techniques

CRIM 380-O Criminalistics

CRIM 370-O Law of Evidence

CRIM 318-O Police Organization and Management

CRIM 200-O Constitutional Protections and Civil Rights

CRIM 401-O Practicum in Criminal Justice

CRIM 118-O Civil System

CRIM 315-O Administrative Law