Our Academic Offering consists of a curriculum from our accredited institutions: Cupey Campus. Gurabo Campus. Carolina Campus. Online Campus.

Cupey Campus

Currently, the Metropolitan University offers a variety of educational programs: doctorates, baccalaureate, masters and technical certificates. The Institution is organized in six academic schools: Education, Business, Social Sciences-Humanities-Communications, Science and Technology, Health Sciences and Environmental Affairs.

Carolina Campus

The Universidad del Este is an institution of higher education that counts on an extensive trajectory of offers of programs that meet the highest standards of academic excellence. By knowing the academic offer, broad and updated, we know that you will find the program and the learning modality that best suits your lifestyle..

Gurabo Campus

Turabo University is a member of the Ana G Méndez University System. The academic offerings of the institution are organized in seven schools: Engineering, Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Education, Business and Entrepreneurship, Social Sciences and the International School of Design.

Online Campus

Universidad Ana G. Méndez is the fourth institution of the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS) and the first distance-learning institution, in the virtual modality. AGMUS has been recognized as a transforming organization in the field of education and a pioneer in the integration of technological resources in the teaching-learning processes.